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Historical Slash 100's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Historical Slash 100

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Felix Yusupov slash! whoot! [27 May 2008|10:15pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I've been wanting to write this for two years but school zaps all my writing time XD so here's to a future filled with lots of slashy writings... whoot!

Disclaimer: This is like one of many I want to write, based off the history of the Romanovs and the very, very gay Prince Felix Yusupov. This is based off fact, he used to sneak out every Saturday night dressed in his mother's finest clothes and sing in French at a nightclub called The Aquarium -- just like any good lil drag queen would! And one time Edward VII fell head over heels so, no one's saying it didn't happen but if it did, here's my depiction so... yay! XD

Warning: Slash... as if you didn't already know!

Pairing... so far: Edward/Felix

Tell me what you guys think! It'd mean a lot to me :3



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Slash? [04 Jan 2007|10:13pm]

Can we have a new challenge? I've been itching to read some historical slash lately.


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I don't have a story yet, but I just HAD to post this. [04 Oct 2006|11:28pm]

I definitely slashed Filippo Brunelleschi and Guillaume du Fay in Music History class today.


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#4 - politics [08 Mar 2006|06:48pm]

Title: #4 - politics
fandom (if there is one): French Court (wahoo!)
rating: Um, PG at most
pairing: Louis XIII/Richelieu
word count: 768
summary: Louis is getting paranoid
authors notes if any: I will note that there was a rumor that Concino's wife did practice sorcery. This will make sense once you read it ^_^

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The French Revolution: Challenge #59 [27 Feb 2006|06:19am]

Title: In Need of a Little Rest
Fandom: The French Revolution
Historslash Challenge #059: Food
Pairing: vaguely Saint-Just/Robespierre
Rating: PG-13 (because Saint-Just has a dirty mouth -_-')
Summary: Robespierre is sick, Saint-Just is worried, and Eleonore Duplay makes soup.
Notes: Takes place sometime after Robespierre moves in with the Duplays. Other than that, forgive my probably inaccurate portrayal of everyone. My excuse? There have been much worse portrayals than mine. XD

Glancing up from whatever document he was reading, Maximilien Robespierre shot Louis Antoine Saint-Just a frosty look.Collapse )

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[25 Feb 2006|11:11am]

Title: #22 enemies
fandom: French Court
rating: PG at most
pairing: Louis XIII/Richelieu
word count: 893
summary: Um, lots of random political intrigue - to get back story read my other fic #23 Lovers
authors notes if any: ...I have declared that history is bunk and I am re-writing it to my pleasure.

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[21 Feb 2006|09:15pm]

Ok here we go with another one (and there was much rejoicing)

Title - #23 Lovers
fandom: French court...
rating: NC-17
pairing: Louis XIII/Richelieu
word count: 985
summary: It's a PWP what more shall I say?
authors notes if any: Um if you have a chronic fear of being froced awake really early in the mornings I suggest you avoid this. ^_^ poor Louis is all I can say.
Originally written for my friend as a request.

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Historslash #1 -- Beginnings [16 Feb 2006|09:08am]

[ mood | drained ]

Title: "Help Me Forget"
Fandom: 1776 play/film
Rating: "NC-17" Rated
Pairing: Hall/Thomson
Word Count: approximately 1000-1200
Summary: Charles Thomson encounters Dr. Lyman Hall after witnessing the coupling of John Adams and John Hancock.
Author's note: This was my first Hall/Thomson slash fic.
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[15 Feb 2006|10:21am]

[ mood | calm ]

Couldn't resist joining:

Pen Name: Hall's Mistress
Fandom: 1776 film/play
Pairing: Dr. Lyman Hall and Charles Thomson
Time Period: 1776-1777
Comments: Plead the 5th.


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[14 Feb 2006|06:58am]

Ok here we are with the first "official" post.

Title: #27 Parents
Fandom: umm French court?
rating: PG at most
Pairing: Louis XIII/Richelieu
Word count: 425
Summary: Louis and Richi are being all treasonous and complaing about work loads XD
Notes: Um, I'm conviently ignoring the fact that they hated each other

ParentsCollapse )

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Poop! [30 Jan 2006|09:46pm]

It really bumms me out that this community couldn't seem to start. I wouldve really liked it...

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[30 Dec 2005|11:42am]

Ok please post your claims here. I will reply to your post (you should get an e-mail notification) and mark the pairing. Only one claim per pair.

The way you should post a claim goes as the following:

your pen name
the fandom if there is one
the pairing
time period
any comments you have

When I reply to a post do not say 'thanks' or reply to me unless I specify it. While the thanks is appreciated it just makes the list longer and harder to sort through.
Um other than that have fun.

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[30 Dec 2005|10:56am]

Ok first post. This community is for historical slash fanfic challenges, yes I stole the idea from fanfic100 and all the other fanfic challenge places but eh, it's all good. I will have rules and guidlines up shortly.


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