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Ok here we are with the first "official" post.

Title: #27 Parents
Fandom: umm French court?
rating: PG at most
Pairing: Louis XIII/Richelieu
Word count: 425
Summary: Louis and Richi are being all treasonous and complaing about work loads XD
Notes: Um, I'm conviently ignoring the fact that they hated each other

Heels clicked and echoed off the halls. Louis scowled and pushed his papers away from him.

"How long have you been at work?" He glanced up at the voice. Armand stood in the doorway giving him a disapproving look. Louis shrugged and glanced out the window. The moon was high in the sky, almost obscured by the clouds.

"Sense five, so about six or seven hours I guess." He could feel the weight of sleep puling at his eyes. He rubbed them then dragged some papers towards him.

"You should rest, Marie can do the rest." Louis watched blankly as the man pulled the papers away from him and set them in a neat pile at the corner of the desk. It took a few seconds to register his advisors comment.

"I am sixteen, by all rights I should be running the country." His voice was hoarse and he felt long suppressed emotions surging to the top. If Armand noticed he didn't indicate it.

"But my lord, you are King." His voice was placid and almost calming. Louis scoffed and gave Armand an incredulous look.

"Me? Ruling? Ha! There's a joke. Everyone knows my mother is still in control, don't think I don't know. I am not that stupid." His voice was bitter as he scrapped back the chair and stood. His robes were in disarray and his hair was mused. Armand smiled to himself as his young lord staggered over to the window and gazed out. "What do the people say?" Armand closed the distance between them and slipped his arms around the King's waist.

"They don't like your mother's policies."

"Neither do I."

"They want you to rule. They say that if they are to have a king then he must truly rule and not be a puppet." A weak chuckled escaped Louis's lips.

"Of course, in the dark whispers of my mother's mind she knows…she knows…" Armand shifted his weight, pressing his chest against Louis's back.

"She knows what?" He voice was just a mummer into Louis's hair.

"She is loosing power, Concino won't last much longer." He went silent as he felt Armand's fingers run through his hair.

"Everything will be ok in time, it always is ma cherie." He chuckled at some private thought. The two went silent, the room was cool as the fire burned low, down the hall a servent cleaned up the main hall, upstairs his mother paced in her room, in the study Louis and Armand stood gazing out the window. Yes, everything would be ok.

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