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Historslash #1 -- Beginnings

Title: "Help Me Forget"
Fandom: 1776 play/film
Rating: "NC-17" Rated
Pairing: Hall/Thomson
Word Count: approximately 1000-1200
Summary: Charles Thomson encounters Dr. Lyman Hall after witnessing the coupling of John Adams and John Hancock.
Author's note: This was my first Hall/Thomson slash fic.

The hour was late and Doctor Hall was weary from the conversations and the drink. As he walked down the street, all he could think about was the comfort of his own bed. Scurrying toward him was a man...the man's form looked familiar. Hall quickened his pace towards the fellow...the man's head was bowed...he was sniffling and wiping his eyes.
"Sir?", called Hall.
The man lifted his head.
"Mr. Thomson!", exclaimed Hall.
"Dr. Hall.", Thomson wiping his nose with his handkerchief.
"What's the matter?"
"Nothing? Mr. Thomson, you're crying."
Red-eyed and fighting back tears, Thomson looked at Hall.
"Let me buy you a drink and be someone to talk to, sir. The tavern is just down the way here."
"I don't want to be in some noisy tavern, Dr. Hall. But thank you."
" lodgings are down the street. I can offer you a glass of wine and my ears and shoulder if you want them."
Thomson looked at Hall and was a little startled by his offer, "It would be nice to talk."
"Well then, come along. It's not far.", Lyman said placing his hand on Thomson back...and they walked down the street.
Thomson had expected Hall's lodgings to a little more opulent...but it was comfortable...chairs and small tables...perfect for conversations...very inviting...
"Make yourself comfortable, Mr. Thomson."
Thomson remove his hat, placed it and his cane on one of the tables and proceeding to make himself very comfortable in one of the chairs. He hadn't been paying attention to Hall but when Hall offered him a glass, he was taken aback. Hall sat in a chair across from him. Hall's coat was gone, his vest unbuttoned, the lace about his neck was undone, and he was removing his shoes.
"To your health, Sir.", as Hall extended his glass to Thomson.
"And to yours.", said Thomson and touched his glass to Hall's.
Hall took a slow sip from his glass; his eyes closed. Thomson found it difficult to take a sip...even catch his breath. He just watched Hall savoring his sip of wine.
"The wine is not to your liking? If you prefer something harder, I can accommodate you.", Hall asked.
"Oh No! It's wonderful...very smooth.", as he took a sip. The wine felt so warm going down his throat.
"Now, what got you in such a fluster, Mr. Thomson?"
Thomson, for a moment, had forgotten...Hancock and Adams. "It's rather personal, Dr. Hall."
"Personal? This is a private moment...a conversation between us, Mr. Thomson. Everything you share with me will be held in the strictest confidence. It will not be repeated, I assure you."
"You promise?", asked Thomson.
"I promise...on my honor as a gentleman...and as a friend."
Thomson smiled with great relief, "But it is very, very personal."
"Come now, Mr. Thomson! Out with it! Purge your soul for I am your confessor."
Thomson looked wide-eyed at Hall, "Well, if you insist."
"I do."
"What had me so upset was...seeing Mr. Hancock and Mr. Adams together."
"Together.", Thomson stressed in a low tone.
"Oh...together. Which one?"
Thomson noticed Hall's voice and the way he moved his body had change...he seemed uncomfortable now.
"John Hancock."
"Hancock?", Hall whispered painfully.
Thomson shifted uneasy in his chair, "Yes."
"Believe me Mr. Thomson, I understand. Finding a love with another is very distressing. It is difficult enough to deal with one's own guilt in their own infidelity...forsaking your marriage vows...for such a forbidden desire." With a saddened face, Hall asked, "Do you really love him?"
Thomson thought for a moment, "Well...I don't know...I've never told anyone until now."
Hall looked at Thomson, curiously. "No one? You and Mr. Hancock have managed to keep your liaison that much of a secret?"
Thomson was overwhelmed with a moment of realization. "No one knows...but you. Hancock and I...have never been together." Thomson swallowed hard, "He does not know...of my feelings."
Hall stared at Thomson with wide eyes and a smile...and then became very aware of his reaction...a reaction of relief...and quickly attempted to stifle it.
"What's wrong, Dr. Hall."
"A night of confessions, Mr. Thomson. I brought you here on the pretense of offering more that just a glass of wine and just parts of my body to console you."
Thomson sat shocked for he had never thought the Doctor wanted him. The physician never gave a hint of his feelings...maybe Thomson never saw it...his thoughts more likely were so preoccupied with Hancock. Thomson set his glass on the table and rose from the chair. Hall stood. He took Hall's glass from him and set it on the table next to his. Gazing into Hall's eyes, he thought how warm they comforting...loving. He took Hall's face into his hands and slowly kissed his lips again and again...he could feel Hall's hands on his chest, removing his coat, untying the lace around his neck...Hall nibbling his neck as he removed his shirt. Thomson lead Hall to the bed and laid down. He watched as Hall as he undressed...he could feel himself growing hard...Hall's full chest...Hall standing there naked...his large hard cock extended out to Thomson.
"The Gods blessed you, Doctor.", he said with eyes full of wonder.
"Let's see if they smiled on you.", Hall whispered as he removed Thomson's breeches, stockings, and shoes.
Thomson was trying to slow his breathing as Hall placed his hands upon Thomson's hips...he could feel his cock swell, "They only grinned on me."
"You're being modest, Sir.", Hall purred.
Thomson went to put his hands on Hall's broad chest, but Hall stopped him. The Doctor grabbed hold of Thomson's wrist and pulled them high above his head, "This is my bed, Mr. Thomson." And he straddled Thomson's thighs. He could feel their penises touching as he leaned forward...holding the Secretary down...and kissed his mouth. Thomson was hungry and Hall was being so gentle and deliberate with his kisses, "Gently, Mr. Thomson."
"Charles...don't call me Mr. Thomson."
"You like it rough, Charles.", he gently kissed him again.
"No...not yet.", Thomson said with a grin.
"Trust me, Charles."
Hall released Thomson's wrists, climbed off the bed, and picked up the stockings from the floor. Thomson offered his wrists to Hall and he proceeded to tie Thomson's arms to his bed. Climbing back on top of Thomson, Hall made any thoughts of Hancock vanish. His gentle kisses on Thomson's lips...his body. His touch...his caresses were gentle and soothing. His tongue and kisses on Thomson's cock...The Secretary could not contain his moans of pleasure...he could feel his body quivering from Hall's lips.
"Untie me, please. It's my turn."
"I'm not done, Charles. Turn over."
"I can't!", as he raised his arms.
"See...there's enough slack. Now, turn over and let me comfort you."
Thomson hesitated for a moment then, somewhat awkwardly, rolled over on to his stomach.
"There...not so uncomfortable having your arms like that, is it?", Hall whispered and kissed Thomson's neck and fondled his chest.
Thomson uttered a breathy, "No." and closed his eyes as Hall kissed his back and fondled and kneaded his buttocks. He felt Hall lift his hips and felt him stroke his swollen cock. It wasn't as good as his mouth but it still made him moan. Thomson could sense Hall shifting his weight and then felt him enter him. Hall squeezed Thomson's cock and moaned as he pushed his hard swollen penis further into him...then gently began to thrust...stroking Thomson to the rhythm of hips...his thrusts.
"Faster...harder, Lyman!", Thomson pleaded.
"This is my bed, Charles. But I am a generous man." And he quickened the pace and intensity of his thrusting. He released Thomson's cock from his hand and grabbed hold of his hips with both hands.
"No...don't let go...don't stop...take hold of me again.", moaned Thomson.
Hall didn't hear Thomson's plea...he couldn't...the only sense he was experiencing was the sense of touch...on his cock. Thomson moaned for more with Hall's every thrust...he could feel the orgasm building in his testicles...his moans turned to screams of ecstasy. Spent, he could still feel Hall's thrusts and hear his grunts...the thrusts slowed and then he could hear Hall's orgasmic moan...long breathy moan...his panting...then felt one last thrust and Hall's hands released his hips...

Hall awoke to find Thomson gazing at him with a loving smile.
"Was I successful in making you forget Mr. Hancock, Charles."
"Hancock who?", Thomson said with a sinful grin.
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