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Historical Slash 100's Journal
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Monday, February 27th, 2006

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The French Revolution: Challenge #59
Title: In Need of a Little Rest
Fandom: The French Revolution
Historslash Challenge #059: Food
Pairing: vaguely Saint-Just/Robespierre
Rating: PG-13 (because Saint-Just has a dirty mouth -_-')
Summary: Robespierre is sick, Saint-Just is worried, and Eleonore Duplay makes soup.
Notes: Takes place sometime after Robespierre moves in with the Duplays. Other than that, forgive my probably inaccurate portrayal of everyone. My excuse? There have been much worse portrayals than mine. XD

Glancing up from whatever document he was reading, Maximilien Robespierre shot Louis Antoine Saint-Just a frosty look.Collapse )

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